Support Groups


 Men’s Support Group

The men in this group are moderate to high functioning men with intellectual disabilities who may be looking for support from peers, peer interactions, help with problem solving related to relationships with family, staff, navigating romantic relationships, or navigating independence, and expectations of others. They support each other by helping each other problem solve situations that may arise in their homes, group homes, with peers, staff, family members, or at their jobs or day programs. They are learning to give each other support, as well as learning how to ask for support.  Call ABH to find out more about when this group meets and how to become part of this group!


 Women’s Social Skills/Support groups

This group focuses on social skills support for  moderate functioning individuals with intellectual disabilities seeking support and also to learn social skills. Individuals in this group work on interpersonal skills, communication skills and learning to communicate wants and needs to others, as well as learning how to ask for support when needed.  They are learning other social skills such as problem solving skills, and getting along with peers, friends, and others.  Call ABH to find out more about when this group meets and how to become part of this group!

Thursday Women’s Support Group

This group meets every Thursday from 4pm -5pm.  This group is made up of higher functioning individuals with disabilities who are very independent, and may struggle with challenges of independent living, apartment living, romantic relationships, friendships, work, day program, staff, and family concerns.  This group is a very supportive group of women who focus on problem solving, and giving and receiving support to one another.

 DBT Aftercare Group

This group is a mixed group of men and women who have recently graduated from DBT, and are in need of aftercare to assist with maintenance of the DBT skills they have learned.  In this group, members will review a different skill each week, check-in with group about skills they have used during the past week, and check in regarding challenges they have had, or may be having in the upcoming week.  Members will receive support from each other regarding DBT skills, and using the skills ongoing. Call ABH to find out more about when this group meets and how to become part of this group!

DBT Skills Groups

At ABH, we have multiple DBT skills groups meeting Monday through Thursday, and meet for 2 hours.  These groups focus on learning DBT skills of Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance. Individuals are placed in groups based on best fit, determined by the primary DBT therapist, client and the DBT team. Please see the DBT page for more information on DBT skills groups.